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How do I send my digital business card for free?

It's SIMPLE !  On your card home screen, click the share button in the middle of your card, this will open the sharing options from your phone. Now you can choose to share it via text, email, social media or any of the other various options your phone allows.

How does the person I send my card to save it?

The person receiving your card can save your information 2 ways:


 1) Simply click on the save button in the middle (right side) of the card. It will open up the new contact dialog box and they can choose to save it as new contact, or add to an existing contact (per their phone"s settings). 

2) Or, they can click the share button on the bottom of their phone and choose  "add to home screen". This option will create an app like icon on their home screen allowing quick and easy access to your digital information.

How do I delete a tab?

Easy! Simply go to the edit card screen by clicking on the edit pencil in top right corner of your card home screen. Then swipe to the left on tab you want to delete and click the red delete button.

How many cards can I have?

Currently we offer one card per subscription. However,  in response to our customer's feedback, we are in the process of adding additional plans with multiple cards.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates!

Is there Templates to help me get started?

We have designed our system to help you create a card as unique as you.  Simply enter your information into the setup screen dialog boxes and then choose a cover and/or profile pictures and your basic card is ready to send !


If you wish to add customized content, we have designed the tab elements to give you endless possibilities for showcasing  you and your company.

  • Text boxes allow you to have multiple fonts, sizes and colors.

  • Insert clipart from our library. 

  • Upload photos 

  • Upload videos

To see some more details about tab elements go to

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel and/or reactivate your subscription can be done by simply going to your Apple or Google Play Subscriptions page on your phone and selecting the NextCard app icon.

How do I see who has viewed my card?

This feature is only available to premium subscribers. It allows you to receive real-time push notifications that let you know when someone is looking at your card and what buttons and tabs they have interacted with. This feature also gives you a history log of all the notifications your have received in chronological order. If you are looking to see the notifications by a specific user, go to that user in you prospect center and click in their details. 


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